DIGITAL CROSSINGS is a project of Margine Operativo that aims to create an expansion of the possibility for spectators to enjoy live performances in a digital dimension, through the creation of a virtual square created through the interaction and crossing of different digital tools/actions. A virtual square where the public, as in an urban square, can watch and interact with shows and performance events.


DIGITAL CROSSINGS involves the creation of
a new CROSSMEDIA WEB PLATFORM that contains
– a web tv
– a virtual and interactive space
– a showcase / digital crossmedia archive


Creating new and innovative dynamics of participation and involvement of the public, expanding the experience of the public through the potential of digital technologies is the connective tissue that underlies the whole project.

DIGITAL CROSSINGS expands in the digital space the research/experimentation/action of Margine Operativo on the possible combinations and intersections between contemporary performing arts, urban spaces and publics. Research that Margine Operativo has been pursuing for years with its own theatrical productions, with the multidisciplinary festival “Attraversamenti Multipli” – which since 2001 is inserted in particular locations of the metropolis of Rome – with the international project “Contact Zones_performing arts in urban spaces”, supported for two editions by the European Union / Creative Europe, and with the crossdisciplinary project “Ai confini dell’Arte” active since 2017 that offers artistic residencies, training workshops for Under 30 and artistic events.
The Digital Crossings project is realized thanks to the contribution of Regione Lazio – Avviso Pubblico Digitalizzazione dello Spettacolo – POR FESR 2014-2020.

The web platform of Digital Crossing is realized by Flyer New Media ➞

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