Web Tv

The Digital Crossings Web Tv is always active through a showcase of videos/transmissions made by Margine Operativo and visible at any time by the user; it also presents live streaming of performance events organized by Margine Operativo.

>> The first Live Streaming broadcasts of the Web Tv are scheduled from September 17 to September 26, 2021 from Rome.

During this period viewers will be able to follow the live broadcasts of the

shows/performances/events scheduled open air in urban spaces during the Attraversamenti Multipli 2021 festival.

The broadcasts will be visible also afterwards through the on demand archive of the broadcasts published on the Web Tv.

The Web Tv is equipped with a mobile station >> a web street tv capable of being inserted in different places: open air urban spaces and indoor spaces and able to broadcast live from the spaces in which it is inserted.

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