Attraversamenti Multipli

Attraversamenti Multipli

Attraversamenti Multipli is a festival created by Margine Operativo that questions the relationships between contemporary artistic languages and the present by inserting cross-disciplinary events in public spaces and in places that symbolize urban transformations.

Attraversamenti Multipli is a project that loves to move on the boundary lines between different artistic codes and in the areas of proximity between art and life.

The first edition took place in 2001 in Rome.

Attraversamenti Multipli

is in close connection with the context in which it acts , it enhances, through its artistic actions, redeveloped urban spaces and protagonists of self-recovery processes, relating to the fabric of the community that welcomes it.


➞ It re-launches its multi-faceted and mestizo nature in which different practices of contemporary arts, from theater to dance to site specific, have citizenship and mutual dialogue.

➞ produce, through artistic residencies, which take place in the urban spaces involved, PERFORMANCE SITE SPECIFIC created for the places that host them

It presents shows and performances with particular formats, both temporal and spatial, which question the relationships and boundaries between artistic action, spectators and places , and which seek to dissolve the boundaries between performer and spectator to build a meeting and a “space” to live .

From 2001 to 2020 > Margine Operativo takes care of the conception and organisation of the 20 editions of Attraversamenti Multipli. The artistic direction is by Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani. During these 20 years the festival has been supported by: ROMA CAPITALE, REGIONE LAZIO ,PROVINCIA DI ROMA. In 2014 Attraversamenti Multipli also took place in Napoli, supported by: Forum Universale delle Culture and Unesco. In 2017 Attraversamenti Multipli took place also in Genoa: supported by Compagnia di S. Paolo in the framework of “ORA! Linguaggi contemporanei innovative productions”.

Attraversamenti Multipli for the three-year period 2020 > 2022 is accompanied by the theme / slogan everything is connected. The butterfly effect concerns our fragility and our total interdependence.  We are all interconnected through non-linear relationships.

We live on a damaged planet and, as Donna Haraway writes, the only solution is to build relational plots with the other: human individuals and other species. We are not self-sufficient, we are a complex and articulated reality. He chose to “inhabit” with his artistic actions for three consecutive years a densely populated area of Rome where a constant urban redevelopment is underway: the Quadraro district – and Toffia, a village in the province of Rieti. Two places that he has already crossed and where, he decides to “live” for three years to develop and “deposit” the synergistic interaction that has been built up with these spaces and with the realities that animate them.

Attraversamenti Multipli 2021 takes place

from 17 to 26 September in Rome

2 and 3 October in Toffia (Rieti).

In the 2021 programme –  always in the perspective of the interconnection between artistic action / living spaces / people –  there are performance site specific created for the festival in interaction with the spaces that welcome them, artistic projects with particular temporal and relational formats, performances that hybridize different artistic genres, open works in progress that show themselves to the public in their fragility, shows dedicated to new generations of spectators.

Attraversamenti Multipli 2021 proposes itself as a vital space created by the gazes that cross in the democracy of bodies, to share spaces / thoughts / actions all together.

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