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A border is the extreme edge of a surface
It’s the white space where written words don’t reach
It’s a free space that creates a fluctuating sospension, lasting a fraction of a second,
Between words, toughts and images

Margine Operativo(Operating Margin) is a multidisciplinary artistic project.

It is active in the spheres of theatre, performance arts and video.

It is coordinated by Alessandra Ferraro ando Pako Graziani.

Since its early stages, Margine Operativo took on a multiform nature that pushed it to engage with various dimensions of artistic and cultural production:

– creation and production of theatre shows, performative actions and site specific;
– conceptual development and organisation of festivals and multidisciplinary events;
– artistic research on video language, from film-making (documentary and fiction) to live- sets.


It is in the project’s DNA to think of arts as a device that can trigger change and strive for connections with other projects / artists / spaces


This led us to venture in yet another pathway: the creation of Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers), a multidisciplinary festival we have been organising on yearly basis since 2001. Attraversamenti Multipli investigates relations and interferences between contemporary artistic languages and the present, by proposing artistic events in unusual urban spaces in the city of Rome.



Margine Operativo artistic and cultural production goes together with a strong commitment to networking with other professionals and artists to improve the rights of cultural and artistic workers.

The Cultural Association Margine Operativo was founded in Rome in 2001.

Margine Operativo is among the promoters of

C.Re.S.CO Coordinamento delle Realtà della Scena Contemporanea.


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