Ai Confini dell’Arte

If there is a unifying feature in the multiformity of contemporary cultures, it is that of trespassing and contamination.

Ai Confini dell’Arte is a cross-disciplinary project, created by Margine Operativo, which moves along the borderlines between different contemporary artistic codes – performing art, comics, visual art, street photography, music, video – and acts in the areas of proximity between art and life, creating continuous encroachments. Ai confini dell’ Arte is attentive to experimental processes of creation and to “open” artistic productions capable of relating to the spatial and human contexts with which it comes into contact.

It aims at experimenting how “different subjects/objects” – artists, spaces, young people, publics, citizens – by meeting and combining with each other – through artistic residencies and workshops – can find points of contact and create new art works/performances and build cross-disciplinary, multiple and participatory artistic events on the theme of present and future borders/breaches.

Cross-disciplinarity, cross-breeding, borders, trespassing are the key words/themes/concepts around which Ai confini dell’Arte revolves.

Ai confini dell’Arte is a project that brings together artists from the contemporary scene to produce performances and works dedicated to the place and context in which they take place, through artistic residencies and workshops for under-30s. It is a project that enters into a synergistic relationship with the “human fabric” with which it comes into contact, creating design and narrative interactions with the spaces and territories it inhabits.

Ai Confini dell’Arte is conceived and organised by Margine Operativo, under the artistic direction of Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani. It was held in Rome in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 involving different spaces of the Municipality of Rome 7, in 2020 it proposed, due to the emergency Covid 19, an edition in the digital space.

It is supported by ROMA CAPITALE in the framework of “Contemporaneamente Roma”. It is realized in network with: the youth centre Batti il Tuo Tempo Evolution,the Intercultural Library Cittadini del Mondo, the Sottosopra project and the cooperative Le Rose Blu.

Ai Confini dell’Arte 2022 takes place from 17 october  to 13 November  2022:
a one-month course during which will be active: 6 ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS aimed at young people Under 30 and four days of artistic events. Ai Confini dell’Arte 2021 is realized with the contribution of ROMA CAPITALE in the context of “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020- 2021- 2022”.

Ai Confini dell’Arte was born as a further step of the artistic group Margine Operativo’s path of reflection/research on the possible combinations between contemporary artistic codes, unconventional spaces and publics. Margine Operativo has been carrying out this research for years with its theatre and video productions, with the multidisciplinary festival Attraversamenti Multipli – which since 2001 has been held in particular locations in the metropolis of Rome – and with the international project Contact Zones_performing arts in urban spaces, supported for two editions by Europa Creativa.

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