A performance / show / talk freely taken from Meduse Cyborg – third volume of the Italian edition of “Re/Search”, the most famous Californian cyberpunk magazine.

Meduse Cyborg is not a book written by or about women, but a manifesto on the future survival of our planet, where the myth of Medusa, interpreted as a source of lucidity and creativity, lives again.

Meduse Cyborg contains a series of interviews with women who represent different experiences and a common tension towards a modern and radical feminism.

A performer on stage gives body and voice to some interviews of angry women scattered inside the volume Meduse Cyborg: important musicians, poets, intellectuals, artists discuss fundamental issues.

How to achieve a revolutionary feminism, a mixture of wild sex, humor, beauty, spirituality and radical politics?
Why does language based on forms of dualism (male/female, gay/hetero, black/white, mind/body, personal/political) block the imagination of a “better world”?

Year_ 2019

Category_ Theatre Archive

Production_ Margine Operativo

Concept and Dramaturgy_
Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani


Direction: Pako Graziani

Performer: Claudia Vernier

Sound designer: Dario Salvagnini

Production: Margine Operativo

in cooperation with:
Garage Zero, Attraversamenti Multipli

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