The video/documentary “La degna rabbia” realized by Riot Generation Video / Margine Operativo tells the incandescent magma of visions and struggles that crossed the festival. It tells the anomaly of an autonomous and independent festival created by a multiplicity of languages, conflicts, artistic codes that are placed by choice below and to the left. 10 dense, extraordinary days that have traced a calendar and a geography of struggles and perspectives that cross the movements in the world, and that have drawn a map of the possible.

Ya Basta! Association promotes international cooperation projects from below in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Palestine by organizing caravans of knowledge and solidarity. It promotes autonomous trade by importing Zapatista rebel coffee and organizes health brigades supporting the Zapatista autonomous health system.

Year_ 2009

Associazione Ya Basta Italia and Margine Operativo

Riot Generation Video and Margine Operativo


Translations: Marco Giusti, Valeria Vitale, Aline Pennisi

Photographic gallery: Simona Granati

Grafic design: Lorenzo Sansonetti – Carta

Videografic: Federico Carra – Kiwido


Tuscan Coordination of Support for the Zapatista Struggle

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