A show engaging in a hand-to-hand combat with the universe of labour
A show exploring our precarious and intermittent lives

The show is freely inspired by the ebook VITE DA PRECARI [TRA CREATIVITÀ E FOLLIA] (Precarious Lives – between Creativity and Madness), – first title in a new e-series called I fiori del Web (The Flowers of the Web) published by Castello Volante – the e-book offers a collection of about 40 ironic, poignant and absurd short stories.
The stories, written by precarious workers, offer beyond any self-pity and triviality an hilarious portrayal of what it means to permanently live on the brink of the abyss, having to be creative about inventing yourself a job while avoiding turning mad.
The show is a journey into the universe of labour, through the stories of those experiencing a fragmented, on-and-off life.
A show on our precarious and intermittent lives, playing on the interconnection between the incredible stories of these precarious times with a live score revisiting music pieces belonging to twentieth century labour tradition.

With a tune to be whistled along the journey

“We have been naught, we shall be all”.

Year_ 2012

Category_ Theatre Archive

Production_ Margine Operativo

Directed by_ Pako Graziani and Alessandra Ferraro

Loosely based on the e-book Vite da precari [tra creatività e follia] (I Fiori del Web – ed. CastelloVolante)


with: Andrea Cota e Michele Baronio

original soundtrack: Andrea Cota

sound designer: Riccardo Boldrini

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