“Città_spettacolo per corpi randagi” is a multidisciplinary project that was born as a further stage of the artistic path that since 2007 has seen the collaboration of some members of the musical group Torpedo, of the hip-hop group JunglaBeat with the theater company Margine Operativo and the video group Riot Generation Video.
This artistic synergy has produced “Roma”, a show/concert (debut at Short Theatre-Teatro India, Rome-July 2007) and the play “Guerriglia Live Show” (debut Teatri di Vetro-Theatro Palladium, Rome-May 2008).

“Città” is a multiple show in which music, theater and visual art are intertwined.
A show created by connecting and assembling in a new organism different artistic codes: from the urban culture of hip hop and street art to the bodies of the actors/performers on stage to the live sounds.
How does a city speak? What does it talk about? And to whom? What is its language?
Maybe a city speaks through the artistic languages that it has created in its streets.
The city tells its story through a show that, with its suggestions and rhythms, reveals the metropolis as a protean incarnation of living.
The show is a visual and sound journey through the bowels of the metropolis, an itinerary where the city is told by a rapped word in continuous tension towards poetry, by the bodies on stage and by the music, which collects and chases the vital pulsation of the city, with an eye to the “out of focus”.

The text
is an original writing by Pako Graziani and Alessandra Ferraro (Margine Operativo). A text in continuous tension towards the poetic word, where the city narrates the passions that shake it. It was written in continuous relation to the progress of the composition of the music.

The music
The musicians, Federico Camici and Andra Cota of Torpedo play live on stage. The music and the original soundtracks they composed for this show use elements from the languages of urban culture (such as dub, drum’n’bass, hip hop) creating the sound carpet around which the whole show develops and on which INDO – voice of the hip hop group JunglaBeat – plays for the first time in this show in the dual role of actor/rapper.

Three are the actors/musicians/performers on stage who interact with the objects on stage, and transform the space around them through their actions. All their actions are both concrete and dreamlike. The whole show moves on the border lines between reality and vision.

Year_ 2019

Category_ Theatre Archive

Production_ Margine Operativo

Direction and Dramaturgy_
Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani


with: Indo (speaker/performer)

voice – basso – synth: Federico Camici

voice – guitar – synth: Andrea Cota

original music: Federico Camici e Andrea Cota

video: Riot Generation Video

props: Sonia Roaluce, Margine Operativo

sound designer: Riccardo Boldrini


made with the contribution of REGIONE LAZIO – Assessorato alla Cultura, Spettacolo e Sport

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