TORNARE A GENOVA by MARGINE OPERATIVO: a sound and visual show that reconstructs through voices, sounds and images our memory of the days of the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. A journey through the history of July 2001 accompanied by the path of a child in the streets of Genoa in 2011 … a journey through memory with an eye to the present …Crossing the streets of Genoa 10 years ago along with thousands of others has been for us, as for many who were there, an important moment, a sort of turning point in our lives of men, women, activists. The show TORNARE A GENOVA is our way of tying up the threads of memory, a “retaking stock” of the emotions and the history of those days, to revive the power of that experience to interweave it with contemporary movements and struggles.

Year_ 2011

Production_Margine Operativo

Concept and direction_ Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani


music by Andrea Cota e Giancarlo Romani

musicians on stage: Andrea Cota e Sandro Travarelli

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