Because no one is innocent…

An ACTION MOVIE by Margine Operativo about precarious job market told through the homicidal madness of Marco, played by Giordano Luparelli.
Marco has a degree with honors in mathematics but is exasperated by the endless search for a job. In his daily wanderings among interviews and companies he meets business psychologists, motivators, human resources managers, personnel managers,… ready to ask for crazy things, impossible timetables, improbable curriculum.The anxiety for his future turns into a lucid and ruthless plan: Marco chooses revenge, exterminating one after the other all his interlocutors.
If the world of the precariat is crazy and without rules, the protagonist has no choice but to answer with the same homicidal madness.
If the precariat is hell, in this film a precarious worker unleashes hell.

VIDEO EXTRACT N. 1 of the film

CRITICS on the preview:

“Il braccio violento del precario is a fun action movie about today’s precariat with a level-headed cast.Its merit is to make us leave the cinema with the right smile and a hint of satisfaction because, quoting a phrase of the protagonist, “no one is innocent””
Irene Ferretto, Cinema a Venire

“The two directors always keep in the foreground their love for the last ones and no compassion for the perfidious creatures daughters of a sick, and now terminal, society.”
Elio Masciovecchi, GrandeCinema

“Marco is a complex and multifaceted character, tender and fierce, comic and tragic at the same time, but desperately human and authentic. The interpretation of Giordano Luparelli is wonderful.”
Emma Ricci, Horizon Cinema

Year_ 2013

Margine Operativo and Boomerang Festival

Pako Graziani and Alessandra Ferraro


Original title: Il braccio violento del precario

Country: Italy

Genre: Azione

Duration: 90′

Screenplay: Margine Operativo

Casting: Giordano Luparelli

Shooting: Valerio Maggi

Music: Andrea Cota

Distribution: Spartaco

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