I WILL SURVIVE – Noi saremo tutto

A show that engages in a hand-to-hand with the universe of work, a show about our lives precarious and intermittent.

The show is freely taken from VITE DA PRECARI [TRA CREATIVITÀ E FOLLIA], – the first title of the new series of free e-book I fiori del Web of Castello Volante editions – which collects about forty ironic, pungent and absurd short stories.
These precarious stories written by precarious make an amusing cross-section of those who are forced to [surv]live constantly in the balance between the creativity necessary to invent a job and the risk of madness.

The show is a journey between and in the stories of those who live a life in flashes, in fragments.
A show about our precarious and intermittent lives that plays on the connection between a live musical score, which retraces some songs of the working-class tradition of the twentieth century and incredible stories of a precarious present.


A refrain accompanies this journey:

“We have been naught, we shall be all.”

Year_ 2012

Production_ Margine Operativo

Concept and direction_
Pako Graziani and Alessandra Ferraro

Freely adapted from the e-book Vite da precari [tra creatività e follia] (I Fiori del Web – ed. CastelloVolante)


with: Andrea Cota and Michele Baronio

original music: Andrea Cota

sound designer: Riccardo Boldrini

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