Attraversamenti Multipli 2014 @ Napoli

Attraversamenti Multipli

2014 in Naples – a project by Margine Operativo –

4 days of theater – dance – poetry – performance in 4 places of transit: 4 stations of the subway line 1

From 30 September to 3 October 2014 – event produced by the Universal Forum of Cultures

Attraversamenti Multipli is a project created by Margine Operativo that questions the relationship between contemporary artistic languages and the present by inserting multidisciplinary events in urban spaces, in places of transit and in unusual locations.

Attraversamenti Multipli @ Napoli traces a path that starts from the metro station Garibaldi, passes through the Università and Vanvitelli stations and arrives at the metro station of Piscinola in Scampia… creating 4 events that take place in symbolic places of the urban renewal of the city of Naples.

Year_ 2015

Production_ Margine Operativo and RGB Outdoor Light Festival

Direction_ Pako Graziani


With: Davide Ferraro Graziani and Leon Ferreira

With the participation of: Luna

Original soundtrack: Andrea Cota

Shooting: Valerio Maggi

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