The video ACQUA bene comune (Water as a common good) made by Margine Operativo tells the story and the reasons for the battle for public water through a montage that alternates and interweaves the main national mobilizations (up to March 26, 2011) with local initiatives, the voices and interventions of water movement activists with data that photograph the situation in Italy and around the world regarding water resources.

The documentary tells the story of how in Italy the importance of the water issue has reached over time a strong social awareness and a widespread territorial diffusion, so much so as to be able to play the challenge of the referendum, aggregating different cultures and experiences and making the battle for water the paradigm of another model of society.

Year_ 2013

Production_ Margine Operativo, Global Project, Associazione Ya Basta

In cooperation with Carta

With the support of Provincia di Roma


Among the respondents:
Rosario Lembo, Paolo Carsetti, Valter Bonan, Enza Amici, Margherita Ciervo, Stefano Rodotà, Alex Zanotelli, Erri De Luca, Paolo Rossi, Marco Bersani,Vilma Mazza, Gianni Rinaldini, Rosario Trefiletti

Concept: Pako Graziani – Alessandra Ferraro
direction – shooting – editing: Pako Graziani – Alessandra Ferraro – Diego Zerbini
grafic design: Lorenzo Sansonetti / Carta
videography, authoring: Federico Carra / Kiwido
photographic gallery: Simona Granati

Thanks to:
Forum Italiano dei Movimenti per l’Acqua
all the activists for l’ Acqua Pubblica
video contributions of activists and video makers that circulate freely on the network. The proceeds of the DVD will go to Progetto Agua para todos – Per l’accesso all’ acqua potabile nella zona Selva – Giunta del Buongoverno La Realidad – Chiapas – Messico

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