A sound and visual show that reconstructs our memory of the days of the G8 protests in Genoa in 2001.

A journey through the history of July 2001 accompanied by the path of a child in the streets of Genoa in 2011 …

…an itinerary in memory with a look at the present…

“Ten years ago hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, women and men, from all over the world met in Genoa to denounce the dangers of neo-liberal globalization and to challenge the leaders of the G8, intent on convincing the world that transforming everything into merchandise would have produced well-being for all. The people demonstrating in Genoa were part of a large movement ‘for a different possible world’ spread throughout the planet.” So begins the call that the Piazza Carlo Giuliani Committee has launched to remember, after 10 years, the impressive demonstrations in Genoa in July 2001, to recall the great experience of the “movement of movements”, to not forget Carlo.

Crossing the streets of Genoa 10 years ago along with thousands of others has been for us as for many who were there an important moment, a turning point in our lives of men, women, activists.

The show Tornare a Genova (Going back to Genoa) is our way of tying up the threads of memory, a “retaking stock” of the emotions and history of those days in order to revive the power of that experience and link it to contemporary movements and struggles.

Year_ 2011

Category_ Theatre Archive

Production_ Margine Operativo

Concept_ Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani


music by Andrea Cota e Giancarlo Romani

musicians on stage Andrea Cota e Sandro Travarelli

video Margine Operativo

sound designer Riccardo Boldrini

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