“TeleRadio Metropoli” is a exploration inside and outside the bowels of the city, of metropolitan urban spaces. An itinerary where the city watches and tells about itself, and at the same time is observed and told.

“TeleRadio Metropoli
> is a hybrid and mutant organism, a combination of a performance, an installation, a live television broadcasting
> is a station that is also an installation, TV and radio crossed by a continuous and ever-changing flow of images, stories, poems, news, presentations, music … with an expanding audiovisual program schedule, where reality and fantasy intersect, and where the physical presence of the presenters/performers and the virtual level continuously intersect.
The “here and now” – the voices of those who pass by, their faces, the noises, the interviews – become part of the flow, through a live audio and video direction that collects these fragments, makes them intersect, mixes them with pre-existing material, transforms them and is transformed.

A live experience that moves on the moment of its happening.
TeleRadio Metropoli interacts with the space in which it is inserted and with the people who pass through it.

TeleRadio Metropoli is a pulsating space, a performance, an installation, a continuous flux, a live experience continuously on.

“TeleRadioMetropoli” began its artistic journey by interfacing with the urban spaces of the metropolis of Rome during the 2002 Attraversamenti Multipli festival. By its nature it transforms according to the physical space / design with which it interacts and the artists involved.

An experience of cult video-hooliganism
the game, the tragedy, the vertigo, the memory, the body, the riot

Year_ 2020

Category_ Performance On Tour

Project by_ Margine Operativo

Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani



video > Pako Graziani

soundscape and installation > Margine Operativo

speaker > Simone Giustinelli and Stefano Patti / L’ultimo nastro di Krapp

content > Margine Operativo + L’Ultimo Nastro Di Krapp + Spettatori Migranti_Attori Sociali

productione > Margine Operativo and Attraversamenti Multipli



video tv live set > Pako Graziani

speaker and performer >Tamara Bartolini and Michele Baronio

soundscape_dj set > madpat

installation > Margine Operativo

production > Attraversamenti Multipli and Forum Internazionale delle Culture, Naples


2002 – 2009

video tv live set > Pako Graziani

speaker > Diego Zerbini

soundscape_dj set > madpat

installation > Margine Operativo

production > Attraversamenti Multipli, Margine Operativo & Riot Generation Video

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