Corpo_Città is curated by  Margine Operativo group, under the artistic direction of Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani. The project in its two editions – 2022 and 2023 – is realised with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture – General Directorate for the Performing Arts and is the winner of the Public Notice Lo spettacolo dal vivo fuori dal Centro – Year 2022 and the Public Notice Lo spettacolo dal vivo fuori dal Centro – Year 2023 promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Activities.

The Corpo_Città project promotes forms of experimentation in the sphere of contemporary performing arts with great attention to cross-disciplinary expressions/expansions and innovative formats that involve citizens through participatory dynamics.

Through different artistic languages, the project proposes a journey through the mobile horizons of contemporary performing arts practices and their relations / interferences / connections with the body of the city: understood both as a physical space and as a symbolic place of its own time and place of stratification of stories / space of life.

The first edition of Corpo_Città took place from 25 November to 11 December 2022 and involved four different places in the polycentric metropolis of Rome

The second edition of Corpo_Città runs from 9 November to 26 November 2023 and involves four different locations in the polycentric metropolis of Rome – a youth centre, an intercultural library, an urban park, a multifunctional space – offering workshops, artistic residencies, performances, talks, performance practices, shows for the new generations, and urban explorations.
Corpo_città 2023 proposes:
> five workshops dedicated to performance practices: from urban explorations to children’s movement, from storytelling to dance in natural urban landscapes.
> two artistic residencies aimed at the creation of two performative formats
> five days of cross-disciplinary artistic events – on 12, 19, 24, 25, 26 November – in the spaces of Fortezza Est in the multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Torpignattara. The programme includes the presentation of the performances/performance formats constructed during the workshops and residencies that intertwine with the shows created by the companies involved in the workshops to offer an insight into their artistic journey. This “multiple and multifaceted body” through different aesthetics and experimentations confronts itself with the (organic/inorganic) body of the city, with its communities and with the urban and natural landscapes it inhabits.

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