LOGO_margine 350

A border is the extreme edge of a surface
It’s the white space where written words don’t reach
It’s a free space that creates a fluctuating sospension,
lasting a fraction of a second,
Between words, toughts and images

Margine Operativo is an independent artistic project

> We work on different levels from the creation of stage plays to performances, from the organisation of multimedia happenings to the realisation of visual live sets.

> We travel through those border areas lying between different artistic connection and extension territories covering theater_visual arts_performance_music_video_digital arts thus forming crossbreed and mongrel artistic entities that, with their being partial, cope with the enterprise of living the present times.

> we love to confront with urban spaces and metropolitan vital flows, inserting technological performing bodies in unusual and unexplored places.
> We connect our way with places and projects of cultural activism and politician

Innovation comes through rebellion:
A critique of the present with a vision.