Beautiful Borders

 a project by Margine Operativo
concept Pako Graziani e Alessandra Ferraro
direction Pako Graziani
choreography Francesca Lombardo
music Truba Pirates
with Francesca Lombardo, Andrea Cota, Sandro Travarelli


Beautiful Borders is a performance project on trespassing.
Borders are all around us. They are conventional and geographical, abstract and real, physical and mental.
Individual and collective identities are, at the same time, built and broken by the experience of crossing borders.
Crossing a border, today, is a dramatic field of tension in which the quest for a better life is often shattered on the disaster of death.
“Crossing” is a process that is indefinitely (re)constituent and is capable of questioning consolidated orders.

MARGINE OPERATIVO is a multidisciplinary artistic project. It is active in the spheres of theatre, performing arts and video.
Since its early stages, Margine Operativo took on a multiform nature that pushed it to engage with various dimensions of artistic and cultural production:
-creation and production of theatre shows and performative actions;
-artistic research on video language, from film-making (documentary and fiction) to live-sets.
It is in the project’s DNA to think of arts as a device that can trigger change and strive for connections with other projects /artists/spaces. This led us to venture in yet another pathway: the creation of Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers), a multidisciplinary festival we have been organising on yearly (from 2001) for connections with other projects /artists/spaces.
In its shows and performances the group challenges the emergencies of present times addressing the complexity of reality through the contemporary multiplicity

Dancer and performer. She starts studying in Rome and then, in 2004, she moves to Germany and continues attending vocational training courses at contemporary dance institutes such as the Pact Zollverein and the Tanzhaus nrw. In 2008 she graduates from the contemporary dance academy ArtEZ, in Holland. During her training years she takes part, as an interpreter, in several creations directed by international choreographers such as Felix Dumeril, Philip Taylor, Roberto Zappala, Reut Shemesh, Amos Ben Tal, Ed Wubbe. Between 2009 and 2010 she acts as a regular interpreter in the Dutch company De Stilte. From 2011 to 2013 she joins the workforce of Balletto Civile, physical theater ensemble directed by Michela Lucenti. In 2014 works as a dancer and choreographer for the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, directed by Serena Senigallia within the Como Città della Musica Festival. She teaches contemporary dance in various centers including the Piccolo Teatro di Pietralata and the PAC, Performing Art Center Rome, where she joins the new advanced training program RIDA, Rome International Dance Program, as a teacher and choreographer.

Roman musicians Andrea Cota (guitar and electronics) and Sandro Travarelli (Trumpet) are two intrepid musical sailors who for the past years have been exploring with their instruments many diverse sound atmospheres, from soundscaping to a more club oriented style. Both are members of the band Veeblefetzer with which they released latest album in 2015 and have been touring extensively since then in Italy and Europe. In the last ten years they have been collaborating with Margine Operativo taking part in performances and theatral shows playing original compositions and using the language of jazz improvisation.