Beautiful Borders

 a performance by Margine Operativo
concept Pako Graziani e Alessandra Ferraro
direction Pako Graziani
choreography Francesca Lombardo
music Truba Pirates
with Francesca Lombardo, Andrea Cota, Sandro Travarelli

co-production Attraversamenti Multipli,
Contact Zones_performing arts in urban space,
Compagnia di San Paolo
“ORA! Linguaggi contemporanei Produzioni innovative”

Beautiful Borders is a performance project on trespassing.
Borders are all around us. They are conventional and geographical, abstract and real, physical and mental.
Individual and collective identities are, at the same time, built and broken by the experience of crossing borders.
Crossing a border, today, is a dramatic field of tension in which the quest for a better life is often shattered on the disaster of death.
“Crossing” is a process that is indefinitely (re)constituent and is capable of questioning consolidated orders.