At the pole of death

At the pole of death

(Al palo della morte)

freely adapted from the book
“At the pole of death – story of a murder in a crossbred suburb” Giuliano Santoro (ed. Alegre 2016)
design: Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani
dramaturgy and direction: Pako Graziani
with: Tiziano Panucci and Aleksandros Memetaj
music: Dario Salvagnini
lighting designer: Valerio Maggi
production: Margine Operativo
in collaboration with:Kollatino Underground, Argot Studio,  Attraversamenti Multipli


The show, loosely based on the book by Giuliano Santoro, tells a story that happened in the multi-ethnic district of Torpignattara in Rome. It is here that in 2014 Shahzad, a Pakistani man of 28 years of age, was killed. A Roman minor killed him with his bare hands. A few days later the boy’s father was accused of incitement to murder and complicity and was arrested.
On the scene two young actors tell Shahzad’s story intertwining it with other stories, giving substance to the many episodes that the book refers to.
The show reconnects the threads that link the killing of Shahzad to its context and to the roots of the relationship between the city of Rome and migrants.
The killing of Shahzad is an opportunity to recount the threads of a complex web in which Rome becomes the mirror of the contradictions of our time. From a case in the news section starts a vortex of a show that involves migrants, precarious youths, the public opinion obsessed with the “different”, but also formidable experiences of exchange and solidarity.

MARGINE OPERATIVO is a multidisciplinary artistic project.
It is active in the spheres of theatre, performing arts and video.
Since its early stages, Margine Operativo took on a multiform nature that pushed it to engage with various dimensions of artistic and cultural production:
-creation and production of theatre shows and performative actions;
-artistic research on video language, from film-making (documentary and fiction) to live-sets.
It is in the project’s DNA to think of arts as a device that can trigger change and strive for connections with other projects /artists/spaces. This led us to venture in yet another pathway: the creation of Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers), a multidisciplinary festival we have been organising on yearly (from 2001) for connections with other projects /artists/spaces.
In its shows and performances the group challenges the emergencies of present times addressing the complexity of reality through the contemporary multiplicity.

Young director and performer, born in Rome in 1985, immediately chose not to undertake academic studies but to pursue his education through direct experience in the field, investigating new ways and languages of innovative scene. Since 2010 he is responsible for the artistic direction of the theater Argot Studio in Rome and resident artist in Argot Production.

ALEKSANDROS MEMETAJ was born on 19/06/1991 in Vlora (Albania ) . Just six months is carried in Italy, in the province of Venice . From 2011 to 2014 he attended the Acting Academy “Fondamenta” . In this period he grows his interest in writing . As he exits from the Academy he are two important meetings: the Nogu company Teatro in Rome – where he worked for almost a year , under the direction of Cristiano Vaccaro – and the association with Giampiero Rappa, “Albania casa mia” ‘s director.